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Grow your audience on Mixlr

Advice on how to to get more listeners

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In this article we'll share tips on how to grow your audience on Mixlr.

Embed your player into your website and blog

You can reach a wider audience by embedding your player in your external website and blog

You can customize your player by adding artwork and, if you are a Premium Plus or Pro subscriber, you can also change the color of the music player to match the color of your website or blog.

Use Facebook, Twitter, your own website, your blog and any other social media and online avenues you have to advertise and promote broadcasts before and during the broadcast. Using your social networks and online presence is a great way of getting the word out about your live show. Remember to promote your show in advance so your listeners don't miss any of it!

You can also share your live broadcast on Facebook and Twitter using the Facebook and Twitter icons in the Mixlr app.

Engage with your listeners

Your chat stream is a great place to engage with and get to know your listeners. Live shows which have a high level of engagement with the audience tend to keep listeners around longer, so reach out and say hi to your fans!

Encourage listeners to follow you

Listeners who follow you on Mixlr will automatically receive a notification email every time you start a new broadcast. So encourage your listeners to follow you - that way they won't miss a single broadcast.

TIP: notifications will only be sent to your followers if you have a paid subscription to our service. You can subscribe here.

Broadcast regularly

Broadcasting on a specific day at a particular time can be really handy for your listeners, as it means they know exactly when to head to your live show. 

Customize your profile

We recommend personalizing your Mixlr livepage. This gives you the chance to make your broadcasting space your own, with a profile picture and artwork that reflect your shows. You can also add links to your external sites and a bio that gives your listeners some more information about what they're going to hear.

Schedule events

You can use the events feature to let your listeners know when your upcoming shows will be happening.

Events are linked from your Mixlr livepage so your live listeners will be able to see when your next broadcast is scheduled from here.

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