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This article will walk you through how to share your Mixlr events.

(Find out how to schedule an event first.)

Creators dashboard

When you open the Mixlr Creators app (on desktop, iOS, and Android) you’ll see the Creators dashboard. If you’re on the web, you’ll see the same screen.

Select 'Manage your events.'

TIP: if you don't have any events scheduled you won't see the 'Manage your events' link. Learn how to schedule an event here.

From the manage events screen, select the image for the event you want to share.

This will take you to the event details page.

Event details

Share on Facebook and Twitter

To share your event on Facebook and Twitter, select the icon for the appropriate social network within the share panel. This will open a new window for the relevant social channel (you will need to sign in with the relevant account) from which you can easily share to your timeline or feed.

Share a URL

To share a link to the event you can click on the Copy icon within the share panel, which will copy the link to your clipboard (please note that if you're using a web browser, copying is only available with browsers that support flash). Alternatively you can select the URL in the share panel and manually copy the link to your clipboard.

Share while broadcasting live

If you are already broadcasting live and would still like to share your event, tap the share arrow on your screen's bottom left-hand side.

Then, select your preferred way of sharing with listeners when using your desktop or mobile device.

Now that you can promote your events, find out how to edit a scheduled event.

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