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Scheduling your events in advance allows you to share them with your audience, on social channels and elsewhere, to let people know about the upcoming broadcast. It also allows you to get the event set up - the title, artwork, category and description - in advance, saving you time on the day so you can focus on your content.

This tutorial will walk you through how to create an event.

Creators space home page

You can create a new event from the Mixlr for Creators home page.

TIP: You can also schedule an event directly from your app.

Click 'Schedule new event' and you'll be taken to the Schedule event screen.

Schedule event screen

Here you'll be able to enter the following information:

  • Event title

  • Start time and date

  • End time and date

  • Category

  • Event description

You can also add an image for your event, in either JPG or PNG, or select to use your channel artwork or theme artwork for the event.

Once your event is ready, click the 'Schedule event' at the bottom of the form to make it public.

Once the event has been created you'll see the Event details page. Here you’ll find the public link so you can share details of your upcoming event with your listeners.

Going live with an event

Now that your event has been scheduled you’ll be able to go live with it.

Find out how to go live here.

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