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Upload recordings made outside Mixlr
Upload recordings made outside Mixlr

Add your non-Mixlr broadcast content to your Recordings page

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While it’s possible to upload recordings of your live events via the Mixlr for Creators app, you can also upload recordings which you’ve made elsewhere.

This article will show you how to upload these recordings.

TIP: currently this feature is available with the Premium Plus, Pro, and Enterprise plans. Find out how to upgrade your plan here.

Creator dashboard

You’ll see the option to upload a recording on your Creator dashboard.

You can also upload a recording from your Recordings page.

New recording

After you select the ‘Upload recording’ button, you’ll see the New Recording screen.

Here you’ll be able to add the following details:

  • Title

  • Description (so your listeners have some information about the recording)

  • Access level (whether to make this publicly available or private to yourself)

  • Artwork (if no artwork is added, the recording image will default to your theme artwork)

TIP: it’s necessary to add a title in order to create the recording.

Once you’ve added your details, select ‘Create recording’.

Upload recording

After selecting ‘Create recording’ you’ll see the ‘Upload recording’ screen.

Here you can drag and drop your recording, or select the red button to find an audio file on your machine.

Once you select your audio file the upload will begin automatically.

TIP: to cancel the upload, select the red ‘X’ icon.

When the upload is complete the file will be transcoded.

Once transcoding is complete the file will be available on your channel for your listeners (or stored out of sight if you've made it private).

Now that you can upload your external recordings, find out how to update existing recordings with new audio files.


Can I upload from the Creators app?

Currently recording upload is available from the Creators site only. It will be available on the Creators app in the future.

Are there any limits to external uploads?

This feature is currently in Beta. At the moment there are no limits to the number of external recordings you can upload on the Premium Plus, Pro, and Enterprise plans. When the feature is fully released it will be available with all paid plans, with upload limits varying depending on what plan you are using.

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