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Upload your recorded broadcasts
Upload your recorded broadcasts

Publish your recordings to your channel

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This article will show you how to make your event recordings available to your listeners.

Open your Recordings window

When you stop and then close your event, if you have been recording it you'll see this screen:

If you select 'View saved recording' you'll see your recording.

Alternatively you can go to your recordings at any time by selecting the Recordings tab.

TIP: on iOS, you'll see your locally saved recordings immediately. On Android, your uploaded cloud recordings will be shown first. Tap 'Local Recordings' to see your locally saved files:

Uploading your recording

Your events will be recorded to a local folder on your device. You can upload these recordings to your channel by selecting the 'Upload' button.

Once your recording is uploaded, to save space on your computer or mobile device the original audio file will be deleted. (You can download the recording again from your Creator space.)

TIP: if you have an issue uploading a recording on the desktop app it may be because the original file has been moved, edited or renamed. If any change has been made to the recording on your local drive you won't be able to publish it to your channel.

Now that you have uploaded a recording to your channel, find out how to download it to your computer or mobile device.

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