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Recording your Mixlr broadcast
Recording your Mixlr broadcast

Find your recorded broadcasts

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This article will explain how you can record your Mixlr events, how to toggle this feature on or off, and where you can find your recording when your live event has ended.

TIP: all recordings created in the Mixlr desktop app are 192kbps MP3 files.

Audio settings

To get to the recording settings (REC) button, open your audio settings selecting the mixer icon.

On the desktop app this is accessible from both the events screen (above) and the broadcast screen, meaning you can set up your audio before you start your live event and adjust as needed while you're on air.

On mobile, you'll find this on the bottom left of the broadcast screen:

REC button

The REC button controls whether your live event will be recorded or not. When the button is red (on desktop or Android) or green (on iOS) your broadcast will be recorded:

When it's gray (on desktop) or flipped to the left with a gray or pink backing (iOS and Android), the broadcast will not be recorded:

Find your recorded broadcasts

When you end and close your live event, if you have been recording it you'll see a screen asking if you want to view the recording.

If you select 'View saved recording' you will open your Recordings window.

Alternatively you can open this window at any time. On desktop you can do this by clicking the Recordings tab and clicking 'Go to recordings'.

On mobile, tap the Recordings tab on the homepage:

TIP: on iOS, you'll see your locally saved recordings immediately. On Android, your uploaded cloud recordings will be shown first. Tap 'Local Recordings' to see your locally saved files:

Desktop local recordings

Your recordings will be saved to a local folder on your device. On the desktop app, in the Recordings window you can access the audio files by clicking the 'Show' button.

This will bring up the local folder where your recordings are saved, with the recording that you've selected being highlighted.

You can now copy this file to edit it, rename it, and upload it elsewhere.

TIP: do not: remove the recordings from this folder; rename them; or edit them in any way. This will prohibit you from uploading the recording to your Mixlr channel later.

Why is my recording missing?

If a recording is missing it may be because that live event was run from on a different computer or mobile device. Because your recordings are saved on the local folder, you will only be able to access the recordings of the events that were broadcast on the device that you're currently using.

Deleting your recordings

If you deleted a recording via the Recordings window this will permanently delete the recording, so don't click here unless you're sure you want to delete the file.

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