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Broadcast using Traktor S2 (Mac)
Broadcast using Traktor S2 (Mac)

Use Mixlr to stream your live Traktor mix

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TIP: in order to set up your audio you’ll first need to set up a live event. To find out how to set up an event click here.

This article will explain how to broadcast your Traktor mix with Mixlr. This article is for using the Traktor S2 controller with Mac.

TIP: if you have a different Traktor controller or operating system try one of our other articles:
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As the S2 has no available inputs, you will need to set up an Aggregate Device and use Mixlr AudioLink to route the audio between the S2 and Mixlr. These instructions would apply to any MIDI controller with no inputs.

TIP: if you're unable to find Mixlr AudioLink, see this article for help:

Create an Aggregate Device

Go to 'Audio Midi Setup' on your Mac, which can be found here.

Create a new device by clicking the '+' icon in the bottom left-hand corner, and select 'Create Aggregate Device'.

 Select to use Traktor Kontrol S2 and Mixlr AudioLink for your new aggregate device.

You may want to rename your new aggregate device to make it easier to find later.

Open Traktor Preferences

Open Traktor on your machine. You can open the Preferences window by clicking the circular icon in the top right of the app, highlighted below.

Traktor Audio Setup

Select the the Audio Setup tab in the column to the left. Ensure that the settings are as follows:

Traktor Output Setup

Select the Output Routing tab. Ensure the settings are as follows:

Traktor Recorder Setup

Select the Mix Recorder tab. Ensure the settings are as follows:

The audio recorder in Traktor needs to show signals coming through, as pictured below. You will not need to press the record button.

Select the aggregate device in the Mixlr app

Open the Mixlr desktop app.

Click 'Select Source' for the MIC or ANY INPUT channel and select 'Mixlr / Traktor [your aggregate device name] > Channels 1 and 2'.

TIP: if you're having problems with the Mixlr app receiving audio signal, check that you have the latest Traktor drivers installed. You can download the latest drivers here.

Click 'Start' to broadcast your Traktor mix live on Mixlr!

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