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How to connect your hardware to Mixlr

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This article will explain how you can connect an external mixer, soundcard or any other external device to Mixlr.

TIP: if you're using a DJ controller and mixing software we'd recommend checking out the articles listed below.

Connecting your device

You will first need to connect your device to your computer. It will either have a USB or a phono jack input. We have found that the most reliable devices to use with Mixlr connect via USB, so we highly recommend using USB devices where possible.

Connect your device to your computer ensuring it is connected securely.

Audio settings

To select your device you'll need to open your audio settings. Select the mixer icon to open your audio settings.

TIP: this is accessible from both the events screen (above) and the broadcast screen, meaning you can set up your audio before you start your live event and adjust as needed while you're on air.

Selecting your device

You can select your device as an input by clicking 'Select Source' for either the MIC or ANY INPUT channel.

Clicking 'Select Source' will display all the inputs you can choose from. Find your device in the listed options and hover your mouse over it until an additional menu appears. (If you see an option for 'Channels 1 and 2' make sure you click here, otherwise you'll only have sound through one speaker.)

TIP: some machines will designate a variety of audio inputs as 'Microphone', even if you are using another kind of input, for example an audio interface.

What if I can't see my external device?

If your external device isn't listed here it may be because you connected the device after the Mixlr app was running. If that's the case try checking the connection - ie where you have plugged the device into your computer - and clicking 'Reload devices', which appears at the bottom of the list of inputs.

Next, click 'Select Source' again - your external device should now be available for selection from the input options.

If you still can't see the device, check that you have the latest drivers installed for the device - this is a common cause of external hardware not being listed with your input options.

If you're still having trouble finding your device after checking that you have the latest driver installed, contact us here.

Device selected

When the device has been selected you will see it listed as the input for this channel, where 'Select Source' was previously displayed.

If there is an audio signal being picked up by this input you'll see the visual display indicators for the channel lighting up.

Now that you have set up your audio device, find out how to adjust the volume
 and activate monitoring.

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