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Setting up your audio
Broadcast with Virtual DJ and a MIDI controller
Broadcast with Virtual DJ and a MIDI controller

Stream your DJ set live using Virtual DJ and an external controller

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TIP: in order to set up your audio you’ll first need to set up a live event. To find out how to set up an event click here.

This article will show you how you can broadcast from Virtual DJ over Mixlr, using an external MIDI controller. In this walkthrough we're using a Hercules DJ Console MK 4 as our MIDI controller, but these steps can be used with any compatible controller.

TIP: this article is about using a MIDI controller with an external audio app. If you want to route the audio directly from an external app and you're not using a MIDI controller see this article.

Set up your MIDI controller

Connect your controller to your machine via USB.

TIP: you may want to check that you have the latest drivers for the device installed on your computer.

Next, route 'Output 1-2' to 'Input 1-2' on the MIDI controller using a phono to phono cable, as in the image below.

Set up Virtual DJ

Open the Virtual DJ app on your machine and click the settings icon. This is towards the top right of the screen, circled in blue in the image below.

This will open the Settings menu. Ensure that you are in the Audio Settings section via the tab on the left of the menu.

Select SPEAKER + HEADPHONE as the output option. 

This will enable you to select a master and a headphones output.

  • For the master output select the MIDI controller, then channels 1 & 2.

  • For the headphones output select the MIDI controller, then channels 3 & 4.

Set up Mixlr

Open the Mixlr desktop app. Click the arrow by 'Select Source' for other channel 1 or channel 2 (the Mic and Any Input channels) to bring up the list of input options.

Select your MIDI controller > Channels 1 and 2 from the list.

Set your levels and go live!

You can set the volume by clicking and dragging the fader bar for the channel. (Avoid setting this too high - if you see a 'CLIP' warning this means the audio might be distorted for your listeners.)

Once your volume is set, press the red 'Start' button and you are live on Mixlr!

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