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How do I make my Channel private?
How do I make my Channel private?

Privacy settings for your broadcasts

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You may want to protect your close-knit community on Mixlr. Or, create events that are only accessible by paying listeners. This article will walk you through your privacy settings:

  1. how to hide your Channel on

  2. how to set an access code for your listeners only

  3. limitations

TIP: to enable privacy settings, you must be subscribed to the Premium Plus or Pro plan. Learn more about upgrading your account here.

1. Hide your Channel

Visit your privacy settings. Here you'll find an option to Hide my livepage. Tick this box and save your changes.

This ensures your Channel will not be found on Mixlr's search index. This means it will also not appear in Mixlr’s Browse section.

The only way listeners can find you Channel is:

  • Through notifications sent to your followers

  • In the ‘Following’ section (if they are already following you)

  • If they have the direct URL of your Mixlr livepage

2. Set an access code

To restrict access to your Channel, you will need to tick the second option: Add an access code. This auto-generates an access code for you. Please note: custom access codes are currently not possible.

Once you have saved your settings, your Channel will be private. It is only accessible with the access code. You can decide how to share the auto-generated code with your listeners.

Be sure to add your contact details (e.g. email, or link to your social media profile) so listeners have a way of getting in touch to request an access code.

TIP: listeners will only need to enter the access code once to gain entry to your Channel. If you are broadcasting exclusive content, you may want to generate a new code for each event or episode.

Generate a new code

To generate a new access code, navigate back to your privacy settings. Click Generate new access code. Previous codes will no longer be valid.

Your Mixlr Live Player

If you set an access code for your Livepage, your Live Player will be restricted too.

TIP: host an exclusive event on your own website by embedding your Live Player. Find out how to embed your Mixlr Live Player on your own site.

Remove the access code

To remove all protections on your Channel, uncheck one or both options. Access and discoverability on will be restored. There are no limits to how often you enable or disable privacy settings.

3. Limitations to consider

Mixlr Android and iOS apps do not currently support access codes. This means listeners will not be able to listen via their Mixlr mobile apps if you have enabled an access code.

However, they can still listen via a mobile web browser on their phones after entering the access code you have provided.

They will not be able to find your private Channel via the Mixlr mobile app.


Email notifications will be sent to your followers once a broadcast has started. They will not receive in-app notifications.

This is to ensure your show is kept secure.

Live Stream URL

If you use the MP3 Live Stream URL, we advise using the embeddable Live Player if you want to keep your live stream private. Click here to find out more about the Live Stream URL.

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