Add the Mixlr Live Player to your website

Make your events available on your own webpage using the embeddable player

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The Mixlr Live Player allows you to host your Mixlr events on your own website, so your listeners don't need to go to your Mixlr channel to hear you.

This article will show you how to add the Live Player to your website.

Widget code

You can access your Live Player Widget code at the link below.

Copy the Widget code by selecting the copy icon.

On mobile, head to your Channel settings and select Live Player.

Paste the code into your website

Paste the code inside the body of the html file you are using and your Live Player will be rendered on your website.

    <title>My web page</title>
    <h1>My Mixlr player!</h1>

TIP: If your website is hosted on Wordpress, this article shows you how to embed your audio player for Wordpress sites.

Your Live Player will show your current live event while you are on air. The artwork displayed is the same artwork that you set up for the event, or your channel artwork (or theme image) if you didn't add custom artwork for this event.

If you're off air and you have upcoming shows scheduled, your player will display your next live event. If you don't have any events coming up, your channel artwork or theme image will be displayed.

Find out how to add artwork to an existing event or customize your channel to add channel artwork to put your stamp on your Mixlr Live Player.

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