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What is 'readonly mode'?
What is 'readonly mode'?
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At Mixlr we understand that a high level of uptime and reliability is important for our broadcasters.
For this reason we try very hard to avoid 'scheduled maintenance' or other planned outages. We do our best to keep Mixlr running 24/7, 365 days a year.
Sometimes however it is necessary to perform upgrades and other improvements on our infrastructure.
When we do this you may occasionally encounter readonly mode. When this mode is enabled you can still chat and listen to live broadcasts, just like normal.
However, although existing broadcasts will continue to be accessible, it will not be possible to start new live broadcasts during readonly mode, or to upload showreel recordings to your account.
Don't worry - this mode is usually short-lived. You can also keep an eye on Twitter (@mixlr and @mixlrstatus) for more information.

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