Limiting access and discoverability of your livepage makes it simple for you to create a safe experience for you and your listeners. Setting this up is simple, and opens up a world of new possibilities for how you can use Mixlr.

In this article we will walk through how to:

  1. Reduce discoverability on
  2. Set an access code on your livepage to restrict access completely.

TIP: To enable any of these features, you must be subscribed to either a Mixlr Premium Plus or Mixlr Pro plan. You can learn more about upgrading your account in this article.

Hiding your livepage

To hide your livepage, log into your Mixlr account, and click on the Privacy button on your dashboard. You can also jump directly to

Inside your privacy settings page, you will see one option to Hide my livepage Tick this box, and don’t forget to save your changes.

Once this is done, your livepage will no longer be included within Mixlr’s search index. Your livepage will not be published on Mixlr’s Explore pages, including Popular, New, or the selected Category of your broadcast.

This means that the only way listeners will be able to find your broadcast is via Notifications sent to followers, or by linking directly to your livepage, which you will have to set up yourself.

Setting up an access code

If you are looking for additional security, or perhaps you are hosting a ticketed event, adding an access code to your livepage and live player is an easy way to restrict access to your shows.

Within the same Privacy Settings, once Hide My livepage is selected, you will be shown the option to Add an access code. Tick this box, and you will have an access code generated for you, with additional customizations.

All access codes are auto-generated. It is not possible to create a custom access code.

Once you have activated and saved this setting, no one will be able to access your livepage unless they enter the correct access code.

We recommend adding a custom message to welcome your listeners to your private livepage. You may wish to add a link or email address so that anyone who doesn’t have access to your livepage has a way to get in touch to request the access code.

Anyone navigating to your livepage will be prompted to enter their access code.

TIP: Your listeners will only need to enter the access code once to gain entry to your livepage. If you want to refresh access for a new, exclusive event, you will need to generate a new access code.

Using your Mixlr embed player

Setting up an access code works for your live player too.

If you are hosting an exclusive event on your own website, using our embed player is simple and secure. Find out more about using the Mixlr live player on your own website.

Generating a new access code

To generate a new access code, navigate back to your privacy settings

Click Generate new access code. This will create a fresh access code. Any listener trying to access your livepage or live player will need to enter the new access code. Previous access codes will no longer be valid.

While there are no limitations to how many access codes you can generate, only the currently visible access code will be valid..

Removing the access code from your livepage

To remove all protections on your livepage simply uncheck the one or both options. Access codes and discoverability on will be restored.

Limitations of using the access code

If you’re using the access code, there are some limitations that you will need to take into consideration.

The Mixlr mobile apps on Android and iOS do not support access codes. This means listeners will not be able to tune in via mobile apps.

They can still listen on their mobile devices, but this must be through the mobile web where they can enter the access code you have provided. They will not be able to find your private livepage via the mobile app.

We will only send out email notifications alerting followers that a broadcast has started. We will not send in-app notifications. This is to ensure your show is kept secure.

If you use the MP3 live stream URL, we are not able to protect this stream. We advise you to use the embeddable live player if you want to keep your live stream private. Click here to find out more about the live stream URL.

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