The showreel is the public repository for your broadcast recordings. By uploading your recordings you will be able to make past shows available for your listeners. Recordings can be managed via the recordings page in the Creators space, so you can access them from anywhere.

Uploading your recordings

After you complete a broadcast you'll be able to upload the recording of the broadcast to your public showreel page. You can upload your broadcast recordings directly from the Mixlr desktop app itself (as well as from the mobile applications).

See this article for how to upload your recordings.

Downloading your recordings

Once you have uploaded recordings to the showreel page they'll be stored here as a database of your previous broadcasts. You can manage your recordings via your recordings page. From here you can download the recordings to other devices in future.

See this article for how to download your recordings.

Listening to the showreel

If you're a listener rather than a creator (or even if you're both!), you'll find plenty of showreel content that your favourite creators have already uploaded, so you can listen to their older content.

Check out this article for how to find a creator's showreel page.

TIP: in order to upload and store your broadcast recordings on the showreel it's necessary to have a paid subscription to one of our creator plans. Click here to purchase a subscription.

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