Whether you’re a sportscaster, a podcaster, a radio station or a church, it’s easy to reach your audience with Mixlr.

This article will walk you through how you can go live.

TIP: to go live with Mixlr you’ll need to install one of our broadcast applications. You can do that here.

Events homepage

When you open the Mixlr Creators app (on desktop, iOS, and Android) you’ll see the events homepage.

From here you can go live immediately, or you can select an event you have already scheduled.

To go live immediately select ‘Go live now’.

To go live with an event you have scheduled, select it from the list. (If your scheduled start time hasn't happened yet you can still launch the event by clicking on it in the Events list.)

TIP: find out how to schedule an event here.

Broadcast screen

On the broadcast screen you have several options before you go live:

  • Edit your event

  • Share your event

  • Set up your audio

You may want to edit your event if you have selected Go live now, or if you want to change something with your scheduled event.

Select ‘Edit’ to edit your event.

On the Edit event screen you’ll be able to change the title, add a description, change the category or add an artwork image.

TIP: ensure you scroll down and select ‘Save changes’ if you’re editing your event.

The Share event option allows you to send a direct link for your event to your listeners before you go live.

Select ‘Share event’ to access the link.

If you need to set up your audio before you go live you can select the audio settings button.

To find out more about setting up your audio click here.

TIP: you can also edit your event, share your event, and adjust your audio settings after you start your event.

Going live

When you’re ready, to go live select the ‘Start’ button (on mobile, this is the red Mixlr icon).

You’re now live on Mixlr!

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