Whether you’re a sportscaster, a podcaster, a radio station or a church, it’s easy to reach your audience with Mixlr.

This article will walk you through how you can go live.

Events homepage

To go live, you’ll first need to create an event.

When you open the Mixlr Creators app (on desktop, iOS, and Android) you’ll see the events homepage. Select ‘New live event’.

You’ll have the option to ‘Start event now’, or ‘Schedule for later’. Choose ‘Start event now’ if you want to go live right away, or choose ‘Schedule for later’ if you want to go live at a later time or date, and you want to promote your event in advance.

TIP: you can also schedule for later via the Creators homepage.

Events creation screen

You’ll now be able to enter your details to create your event.

You can add a custom artwork image for each specific event. If you don’t add an image here, your default artwork image will be used.

TIP: if you’re starting an event right away, there’s no need to set the start time. Since you won’t be promoting it in advance you don’t need to add a description.

Once you’ve entered your details select the red button at the bottom of the page to continue.

Going live

If you have scheduled in advance, you’ll be able to launch your scheduled event from the events homepage in the app by selecting ‘Start’ for the event. This will launch the broadcast screen.

If you chose to start your event now, you’ll go straight to the broadcast screen as soon as your event has been created.

Once you get to the broadcast screen, to go live click the ‘Start’ button. You’re now live on Mixlr!

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