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Find out what you can do with your own personal website on Mixlr

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Your Mixlr channel is your own personal site where your listeners can hear your Mixlr live events, listen to your recordings, follow you to be notified of upcoming events, and chat with other listeners. This article will walk you through the different features of your Mixlr channel.

TIP: every Mixlr channel has a unique URL. Yours will look something like this:

Customize your channel

You can customize your Mixlr channel by adding a brand logo, adding an artwork image, selecting a theme color, and by adding a description so listeners will know what your channel is all about.

TIP: you can also add links to other sites to your channel, including crowdfunding links.

Your followers

Listeners who follow you on Mixlr will be alerted via email and mobile app push notifications whenever you start a live event.

Your listeners can follow you by selecting the ‘Follow’ button on your channel.

Your listeners can see how many people are following you on the About tab.

TIP: you can view the usernames of your own followers in your Creator settings.

Live events

When you start a live event, listeners will be able to tune in by selecting it from your channels homepage.

TIP: live events will have a LIVE NOW icon to distinguish them from recordings and upcoming events.

The live event screen will mirror your view of the broadcast from your creator app, so you'll be able to experience what your listeners are seeing during your live events without needing to open the event in a separate browser window.

Within a live event, your listeners can:

  • chat with you and other listeners;

  • see how many other people are listening;

  • show appreciation with the heart button;

  • share your live event outside Mixlr.


Every live event includes a chat section. You and your listeners can use the chat section to communicate during your live events, and your listeners can use the heart button to let you know when they're enjoying the show.

TIP: if you don't want your listeners to chat during your broadcasts you can disable chat. Click here to find out how to disable chat.

Your listeners

By selecting the toggle in the chat window, listeners can view the current logged in community of other listeners.

On the left hand side of your live event the total number of listeners will be displayed.

TIP: if you’re seeing a higher number of total listeners than the number of listeners shown in the community pop-out, this means you have some listeners who are not logged in to a Mixlr account, or who are listening to your live event on an external webpage via your Mixlr player or your Live Stream URL.

Events and recordings

If you have any events scheduled, listeners can view them from the Events tab. If you have uploaded recordings of your live events these can be played via the Recordings tab.

TIP: listeners can also see your events and recordings on your channel homepage. If you are not currently live, your next upcoming event will be highlighted here. If you don’t have any upcoming events, your most recent recording will be displayed.

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