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Organize your recordings with Collections
Organize your recordings with Collections

Compile related recordings and share them as a group

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If you have different kinds of shows on your Channel - whether that’s for different hosts, or for recordings which come from the same event, or something else - you may want to collect those recordings together so listeners looking for related content can find them easily.

This article will show you how to organize your recordings into Collections.

Recordings page

You can add recordings to a collection from your Recordings page.

To add to a collection, select all the recordings you want to add. As soon as you select a recording, you’ll be able to select the ‘Collections’ drop-down.

If you have already created a collection, you’ll see it listed here to select.

If you don’t already have any collections, select ‘Add collection’ to create a new collection.

TIP: you can also create a new collection from the Collections page.

New collection

When creating a new collection you can add the following details:

Once you’ve added all the details you want to include, select ‘Create collection’.

Your new collection has now been created, with any recordings you had selected added to it.

Collections page

To view the Collections page, select ‘Collections’.

On your Collections page you’ll see any collections you’ve created already. You can also create new collections from here.

Access level

From the Collections page you can set a collection’s access level to be public or unlisted. Public collections can be found on your channel. Unlisted collections are not available on your channel, but you can share the URL for an unlisted collection directly with listeners.

To change a collection’s access level, select the collection, then select ‘Move’ and choose the new access level from the drop-down.

Collection details page

To share or edit a collection, select it from the list by selecting the collection’s title.

You’ll now see the Collection details page.

Share collection

To share the collection, select the share icon.

TIP: you can also share to Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) using the respective icons.

Edit collection

To edit the collection, select the ‘...’ icon and select ‘Edit’.

You can also delete the collection from this menu.

TIP: if you delete a collection, the recordings contained within it will not be deleted.

Remove recordings

To remove any recordings from a collection, scroll to the bottom of the Collection details page and select the recording or recordings you want to remove, then select ‘Remove’.

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