TIP: currently it's only possible to embed your Mixlr player on WordPress.org sites, and WordPress.com Business plan and eCommerce plan sites. If you're using WordPress.com but it is not a Business plan or eCommerce plan site you will not be able to embed your player into your blog.

The Mixlr live player allows you to host your Mixlr broadcasts on your own blog page, so your listeners don't need to go to your Mixlr livepage to hear you.

This article will show you how to add a live player to your wordpress.org blog.

Widget code

You can access your live player Widget code at the link below.


Copy the Widget code by selecting the copy icon.

Adding the Widget code to your Wordpress post

Next go to your wordpress.org admin site and create a new post.

Within the 'Text' tab, paste in your Mixlr live player Widget Code.

If you then select the 'Visual' tab you can see how the code will convert into your live player while you are editing your post.

This will tend to show you a reduced size version of the player. When the post is live the player will resize to fit the area of the page.

Select the Preview button to the right, in the 'Publish' section, to see how this will look after you have published the blogpost.

Don't forget to customize your player before you embed it - find out how to customize your player in this article.

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