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Personalize the appearance of your audio space with a logo, background image, and more

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Your channel is where your listeners will find all your Mixlr audio content - your live events, your recordings, and anything else you want to share with them.

You can customize your channel via the Appearance page in your channel settings.


This is the name of your channel. This will be displayed at the top of your channel homepage, as well as in browser tabs when listeners are on your page.


This is the website address that your listeners will visit to tune in to your live events, check out your upcoming events, and listen to your recordings. You can use your channel name here, or something completely different.

TIP: you can use the following characters in your URL: numbers, lowercase letters, and dashes. Uppercase letters and special characters cannot be used.

Brand logo

This is an icon which will be displayed on all pages within your channel, so it’s good to use something unique and identifiable.

To add your brand logo select ‘Browse’ and choose an image.

Channel artwork

This will be displayed on your main channel page if you have no live events, upcoming events, or recordings.

To add your background image select ‘Browse’ and choose an image.

TIP: you can also use your channel artwork for live events, so it’s a useful thing to add!

Theme color

Your theme color will be used for buttons, links, borders, and certain background images on your channel page.

To select a theme color, click or tap the color that's currently displayed to bring up the color picker. You can also enter the hex code directly into the field next to the color picker.

What's your channel about?

This section gives you the opportunity to add a description of your channel for anyone stopping by.

Once you have updated your channel, scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Save settings'.

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