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Listen using the Mixlr iOS app
Listen using the Mixlr iOS app

Find broadcasts with the iPhone app

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The Mixlr iOS app is a great way to discover new broadcasts and to listen to your favorite stations. This article shows you how you can search for new shows and find any broadcasters you're already following.

TIP: if you're an Android user click here.

Download the app


From the iOS app homescreen tap the LISTEN icon to find a list of current broadcasts to choose from.

Tap the dropdown at the top - where POPULAR will be selected - and you'll be able to to browse by category.


From this same screen you can also select to see those broadcasters who you're currently FOLLOWING, so you can quickly find your favorite stations.

Tap the SEARCH icon to bring up the search bar.

If you know the name of the broadcaster you'd like to listen to, then type it into the search bar. Typing in a category will show you broadcasts which are currently live in that genre.

Listen and chat

Once you've found a broadcast you'll be directed to the broadcaster's livepage. Here you can listen to the broadcast, follow the broadcaster, and join the chat. To join the chat, tap the three lines circled below.

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