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Listen on Android and iOS using the Mixlr app
Listen on Android and iOS using the Mixlr app

Find channels and listen to live events and recordings with the Mixlr mobile app

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The Mixlr app is a great way to discover new content and to listen to your favorite channels. This article shows you how you can use the app to search for new shows and find any creators you're already following.

Download the app

If you’re an Android user you can download the Mixlr app here, or search for ‘mixlr’ in the Google Play Store.

If you’re an iOS user, download the app here, or search for ‘mixlr’ in the App Store.

Exploring the app

The first time you open the app, after the welcome screen you’ll see the explore sections in the full view of the screen. Here there are three tabs: Live now, Following, and Search.

Live now tab

In the Live now tab you’ll see all the channels which are currently on air.

Tap the drop down to select a category and you’ll see channels which fit this category displayed below.

Following tab

In the Following tab you’ll see all the channels you’re currently following. This makes it easy for you to go back to your favorites.

TIP: you’ll need to be logged in to a Mixlr account, and to be following some channels, to see your followed channels here.

Search tab

In the Search tab you can search for both channels and live events.

Visiting a channel

When you visit a channel, from the main page you’ll see if an event is currently live, as well as any upcoming events and any recordings that have been uploaded.

You can access more upcoming events and recordings from the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Listening to a live event

When you’re listening to a live event, you can post a heart to show your appreciation, open the chat to discuss the broadcast, and share the event elsewhere so others can tune in.

TIP: you’ll need to be logged in to post a heart and join the chat.

To open the chat, tap the middle icon.

Finding other content while you’re visiting a channel

The Mixlr app will remember the channel you were last visiting, and next time you open the app this is the channel you’ll see.

But it’s easy to find other content in the Mixlr app. Swipe the screen from the left, or tap the three lines in the top left of the screen, and you’ll open the explore sidebar.

From here you’ll be able to access the same three explore tabs - Live now, Following, and Search - as when you first opened the app.

TIP: if you’re interested in using Mixlr to create and host your own audio content, you’ll need to sign up for a creator plan. Click here to find out more.

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