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Download the Mixlr app
Download the Mixlr app

How to download the Mixlr app for iOS and Android mobile devices

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In order to listen to a Mixlr channel on your mobile or tablet you'll need to download our Mixlr app for listeners, which can be found on both Android and iOS devices.

You do not need to sign in to listen, but if you would like to interact with creators and personalise your Mixlr experience, you can sign up for a listener account beforehand here.


For Android devices you can find the direct link to download here, or simply search ‘Mixlr’ in the Google Play store, which will then take you to the following screen where you can hit ‘Install’.


You can find the direct link to download Mixlr on your iOS device here, or search for 'Mixlr' in the App store, which will take you to the below so you can download.

Once the app is installed on your chosen device, you can choose to sign in, create a new account, or simply start listening to a channel without any signing up. Enjoy!

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