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What happened to my Mixlr page?
What happened to my Mixlr page?
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  • I used to have a page on Mixlr, what happened to it?

    • All audio on Mixlr is hosted on a creator’s channel. If you don’t have an active creator subscription you will not have a channel, and your page will be marked as inactive.

  • What's the difference between a creator and a listener?

    • A creator can broadcast live Events, and - on our paid plans - also host recordings.

    • A listener can tune in to a creator's live Events, listen to their recordings, follow creators, and chat on a creator's channel.

  • Can I get my Mixlr page back?

    • Yes! If you sign up for a creator plan you will be able to set up your own channel immediately. Channels are available with all our creator plans, including our free to use Lite plan.

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