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Delete your uploaded recordings
Delete your uploaded recordings

Put older recordings into Trash

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If you have a lot of recordings stored on your Mixlr Channel, you may find that you don’t have space for any new recordings. Alternatively, you may have some recordings that you just want to get rid of.

Any recordings which are in your Trash folder will not count towards your recording capacity limit, so if you need to make space, or you want to delete recordings, you can put them into your Trash folder. Recordings in Trash will be deleted after 14 days.

This article will show you how to put your recordings into Trash, and how you can delete recordings permanently from the Trash folder.

TIP: if you are close to your recording capacity limit but you don’t want to delete any recordings, you might prefer to update your plan instead.

Recordings page

On your Recordings page, to move a recording into trash select the recording you want to move and select the ‘Move’ drop-down. To move the recording to Trash, select ‘Trash’.

You’ll now see a confirmation that the recording has been moved to trash.

Trash folder

To view recordings in Trash, select the Trash tab.

You’ll now see the Trash folder.

Recordings in Trash will automatically be deleted after 2 weeks. If you do not want a recording to be deleted, select the recording and move it out of Trash.

Permanently deleting a recording

If you want to delete a recording immediately rather than waiting for it to be automatically deleted, select the recording and then select ‘Delete’.

TIP: there is no way to recover a recording once it has been deleted, so ensure you do not do this unless you really want to delete it.

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