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Using the Soundcheck to test your audio
Using the Soundcheck to test your audio

Check your audio set up using the Soundcheck feature

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When you first install the Mixlr desktop app you'll be walked through the Soundcheck. This is to help you select an input device and set up a Monitoring output device when you first use the Mixlr desktop app.

It's also possible to run the Soundcheck at any later point. This article will show you how to do this.

Opening Soundcheck

To open Soundcheck, select 'Tools', then select 'Soundcheck'..

TIP: if you're using a Mac, tabs will be at the very top of the screen.


This will launch the Soundcheck.

TIP: as stated in the Soundcheck window, running the Soundcheck will reset any currently selected audio settings.

Select ' Start' to begin.

Check your sound output

Selecting an output option will enable you to choose the audio output where you can hear how your Mixlr audio will sound. (This is the same as setting up a Monitoring output.)

For most users the output will be their computer's speakers option.

Once you have selected an output select 'Test sound output' to ensure you're hearing something from this option. If not, you may have selected the wrong option.

TIP: as the screenshot above suggests, we highly recommend using headphones.

Once you're happy that you've selected an output option you can hear, select 'Save'.

Check your microphone

On this screen you can select your input. If you don't have any external devices connected, select your machine's built-in microphone.

Once you've selected an input, select 'Test your microphone' and you'll be able to record some audio. Once the audio is recorded, you'll hear it back through the audio output you selected in the previous step - so you can make sure that both your input and output are working as expected.

TIP: while you're recording you should see the indicators light to show that an input signal is being received. If you don't see this lighting up, then you have either selected the wrong input, or there is an issue with your input device.

Once you're happy that your input is picking up audio, select 'Save'.

Soundcheck complete

Your audio is now successfully set up. Select 'Done' to close the Soundcheck window.

Select the audio settings icon.

The input and output options you selected during the Soundcheck will already be selected in your audio settings.

You can now go live with these settings. Find out more about starting a live event here.

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