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Previewing your broadcast audio in the app

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It can be useful to hear your audio without tuning in to your channel page. By activating Monitoring you'll be able to listen to your audio both before you go live (so you can set the volume levels) and during your live events.

Audio settings

To set up Monitoring you'll firstly need to open your audio settings. Select the mixer icon to open your audio settings.

TIP: this is accessible from both the events screen (above) and the broadcast screen, meaning you can set up your audio before you start your live event and adjust as needed while you're on air.

Choosing an output device

Your output device will be how you listen to your audio, which is often going to be your speakers.

To set your output device, select 'Select Output'.

This will display your output device options. Hover over the output device that you want to select and an additional menu will appear with the output channels - click here to select your output device.

Once Monitoring has been activated you will be able to toggle this feature on or off for the individual channels (ie Mic, Any Input and Playlist).

You can toggle this on or off for each channel by selecting the headphones icon.

When Monitoring has been switched on for a channel the headphones icon will change to red.

TIP: if you are activating Monitoring for your microphone, we recommend using headphones to avoid feedback.

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