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How do I use the stats dashboard?
How do I use the stats dashboard?

Find out how to tailor the listener data view in the stats dashboard to meet your requirements, and how to export this data as a spreadsheet

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The stats dashboard gives you a number of options to control how you view your listener data. You can tailor this view by adjusting the following:

  • The time period;

  • The data type (listener hours or unique listeners);

  • The duration type (hours, days, weeks or months);

  • The location view (by country or city).

This article will show you how you can adjust each of these options, and how you can then export this data as a spreadsheet.

TIP: currently the stats dashboard is only available with the Pro plan. Click here to subscribe to the Pro plan, or if you already have a subscription to one of our other plans, click here to find out how you can upgrade to the Pro plan.

Accessing the stats dashboard

You can access the stats dashboard by clicking the stats icon, towards the top right of the Mixlr for Creator homepage.

Adjusting the time period

When you open the stats dashboard the time period displayed will default to the last 30 days. You can adjust this by clicking the options button circled below.

This will display a number of other time periods for you to select.

Alternatively you can select a custom time period by clicking on the currently selected dates.

This will enable you to select a start and end date for the time period which you wish to view.

Changing the data type

You have two different data type options in the stats dashboard:

  • Your listener hours are the total sum of all listening time over the time period. So, if you had three listeners who all tuned in for your two hour broadcast, this would be displayed as six listener hours

  • Your unique listeners refers to the individual listeners who have tuned in to your broadcasts. So, those same three listeners who tuned in for your broadcast would be displayed as three unique listeners.

To change the data type, click the type which you are currently viewing in the section circled in the image below.

You will now see a drop-down from which you can select the other data type.

Clicking the other data type will change the view accordingly.

Changing the duration type

There are four different duration type options you can select from:

  • Hours

  • Days

  • Weeks

  • Months

Select the duration type that you wish to view and the data view will be updated accordingly.

Changing the location view

Further down the page you will see details about your listeners' locations.

You can choose to view this by country or city

If your listeners are tuning in from all over the world, then you might find the country view more useful here.

If your listeners are mainly tuning in from the same country then you might want to go for the city view.

To change to the other view click the relevant option on the left of the screen.

Exporting your data

Once you have defined how you want to view the listener data you can export this as a spreadsheet by clicking the Export data as CSV button at the bottom of the page.

The data will be downloaded based on the current settings you have selected in the stats dashboard, so for example if you are viewing listener hours, for May 9 - June 9, by 'day', and by 'country', this is the data that will be included in the download.

If you realize you intended to view this by unique listeners for example, you can change that setting and hit the export button again - there is no restriction on the number of times or data types that you can export from the stats dashboard.

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