What is the stats dashboard?

View your listener data and find out where in the world your audience is tuning in from with the stats dashboard

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The stats dashboard is a one-stop location for your listener data. You'll find all the stats you need as a licensed station or professional broadcaster, and you'll be able to export your own customized view of your data as a spreadsheet.

The data in the stats dashboard is presented as a line graph. It will look like this:

You can adjust the view based on a number of criteria:

  • The time period;

  • The data type (listener hours or unique listeners);

  • The duration type (hours, days, weeks or months);

  • The location view (by country or city).

Once you have selected your criteria the graph will change accordingly, and you'll be able to export this view as a spreadsheet - and you can export as many different data views as you like, as often as you need.

For existing Mixlr subscribers, if you upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise plan to use the Stats Dashboard you will be able to access your prior listener data - the Stats Dashboard is not limited only to the period after you upgrade.

TIP: currently the stats dashboard is only available with the Pro and Enterprise plans. Click here to subscribe to the Pro plan, or if you already have a subscription to one of our other plans, click here to find out how you can upgrade to the Pro plan. To upgrade to Enterprise please contact us.

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