Your Mixlr subscription will renew automatically each month (or year, if you're subscribed to an annual plan).

If we're unable to process your renewal payment, don't worry - your subscription won't end immediately. We'll continue trying to process the payment over the next seven days before any changes are made to your account. However it is also possible to submit your payment manually if this happens.

This article will explain how you can submit your payment manually if it is overdue.

Go to the Settings page

Log in to your Mixlr account and click on SETTINGS.

Go to the Subscription page

From the Settings page select the Subscription tab.

TIP: you can navigate directly to your Subscription page by clicking on this link.

Update your card details

On the Subscription page you'll see highlighted in red 'update your card details'. Click here to open up your subscription manager.

This will take you to your subscription manager page.

Scroll down the page to the Billing History section and click the link for the unpaid invoice.

You will now be able to enter either the same or new card details to immediately submit payment for the overdue renewal.

If you're unable to submit your payment, this is either because of insufficient funds in your account, or because your bank or card provider is blocking the payment.

If you are confident that you have sufficient funds to pay for the renewal we recommend contacting your bank or card provider directly.

If you continue to experience any issues after this please contact us.

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