Add your Mixlr station to myTuner Radio

Submit your live stream URL to MyTunerRadio

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myTuner Radio is a directory of radio stations and podcasts. 

In this article we'll show you how you can upload your Mixlr station to myTuner Radio.

TIP: to add your Mixlr channel to myTuner Radio you'll need to use the live stream URL which is available to Mixlr Pro subscribers. You can learn more about Mixlr Pro here, and you can sign up for Mixlr Pro here.

Find your live stream URL

Your live stream URL is available on your live stream URL Settings page.

Click the copy icon to copy your live stream URL code.

TIP: you may need to enable your live stream URL before you can use it. You can enable it on this page via the tickbox beneath your live stream URL code.

Sign up to myTuner Radio

You'll need to create an account with MyTuner Radio before you can submit your Mixlr live stream URL.

Go to and select 'Register now'.

Enter the requested details and select 'Save'.

You'll now be sent an activation email. Check your email inbox and select the activation link. You'll now be able to log in.

Create you station

Once you have logged in, select 'New Station' from the toolbar on the left.

You'll see the 'New station' form. Station name, contact email, upload a logo, and select a country are required fields, so you'll need to fill these in to continue.

Once these other details are entered, scroll to the bottom of the page where you'll be able to add your Mixlr live stream URL.

Once that's added, select 'Save'.

myTuner Radio will contact you to confirm when the station has been reviewed and added to their database.

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