Get a copy of your receipt

Download your Mixlr invoices for your records

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In this article we'll show you how to get copies of your Mixlr receipts and invoices.

Go to the Settings page

From either the Listeners or the Creators space, select the Settings icon.

Go to the Subscription page

In Settings, select the Subscription tab.

TIP: you can navigate directly to your Subscriptions page by clicking on this link.

Manage subscription

On the Subscription page, click on the red 'Manage subscription' button to open up your subscription manager.

This will take you to your subscription manager page. Scroll down to 'Billing history'. You will be able to find a list of your previous receipts with Mixlr. Your most recent payment will be at the top. Click the date of the payment you want to download.

TIP: If you’re looking for an older payment click on 'View more'.

Select 'Download invoice' or 'Download receipt' to download the document type you require.

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