Your recordings will remain accessible for you and for your listeners as long as you have an active subscription.

If you have canceled your subscription, or it has ended because we have been unable to process your renewal payment, your showreel (where your listeners can access your recordings) will be frozen.

If you have been using a free broadcasting trial and this has ended, your showreel will also be frozen.

If your showreel has been frozen your listeners will not be able to access it to hear any of the recordings. 

When your showreel has been frozen you will have 14 days to download your recordings from your Recordings page. After this point the recordings will be permanently deleted.

If you want to keep your recordings available, you will need to resubscribe during the 14 day period. This will unfreeze your showreel and prevent your recordings from being deleted. You can resubscribe here.

If you are happy for your showreel to be deleted but you want to save the recordings, you can download them during the 14 day period. This article will help with how you can download your showreel recordings.

TIP: after your recordings have been deleted there is no way to recover them, even if you subscribe at a later date. If you don't want to lose your recordings please ensure you either resubscribe during the 14 day period, or download them during the 14 day period.

For more information about what the showreel is, and what you can do with your recordings, see this article.

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