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Cancelling your subscription

Stop your account from renewing

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If you have an active Mixlr subscription you can cancel it at any time. 

When you cancel your Mixlr subscription it won't end immediately - you'll be able to continue broadcasting for the duration of the period for which you have paid.

This article will show you how to cancel your subscription.

Go to the Settings page

Log into your Mixlr Creators account by visiting and click on SETTINGS cog.

Go to the Subscription page

From the Settings page select the Subscription tab. Or, you can navigate directly to your Subscriptions page by clicking on this link.

You'll see an option to 'Manage subscription' or 'Cancel subscription.' Click 'Cancel now'.

On the next screen, enter your password and click 'Cancel now'.

Confirm your cancellation and give feedback 

This will open a cancellation confirmation page, which allows you to provide feedback about the reasons why you are cancelling. We pride ourselves on building the best platform for our customers so letting us know how we could improve is really helpful.

Once you have selected your cancellation reason click 'Cancel Account' to cancel your subscription.

Your subscription has now been set to cancel.

That's it. Your subscription will be cancelled and you will not be billed again.

You will still have access to the subscription features until the end of your current billing period (one month or one year from your last payment depending on your billing schedule).

TIP: if your subscription has already renewed but you have not been charged - e.g. if it is a weekend, or the initial charge attempt was unsuccessful - then our payment service will still charge you for that renewal, even if you cancel before the payment has been processed.

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