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Update the Mixlr for Creators broadcast app (Windows)
Update the Mixlr for Creators broadcast app (Windows)

Make sure your software is up to date

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At Mixlr we regularly release updates to our broadcast app to make the app more stable and reliable, and to add new and exciting features to improve your broadcasting experience.
To take advantage of these improvements it's important to update your app regularly.
This article shows you how to update the Mixlr broadcast app on a Windows machine.

Updating via the app

If a new version of the Mixlr desktop app is available when you open the app you'll see a notification to inform you of this. (This will also list the changes that the latest update introduces.)

Click 'Install update' and the download will start.

If you prefer not to update your software immediately - if you're about to start a new broadcast - you can click 'Remind me later' instead, and you'll see the Software update the next time you open Mixlr.

(If you'd prefer to stay on the same version of Mixlr for the time being you can click 'Skip this version', and you won't see the Software update again until we release another new version - but we highly recommend updating when prompted.)

Updating via

You can also update your app to the latest version by downloading it directly from the Mixlr website.

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