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Make your recordings private
Make your recordings private

Change the access level for your uploaded recordings

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Uploading your Mixlr recordings allows you to keep all your previous event recordings stored in one place, reducing the need to keep local backups and providing a convenient location where you can access your recordings at any time.

However, you may not want your listeners to access every one of your recordings - some of them you might prefer to keep private. This article will show you how you can make recordings private.

Recordings page

To change the access level for one or more recordings, go to your Recordings page by selecting the Recordings icon in the top right of your Creators homepage.

On your Recordings page, select any recordings you want to change the access level for, then select ‘Move’.

Access levels

There are three access level settings for your recordings:

  • Public recordings will be accessible on your Channel’s Recordings page

  • Unlisted recordings won’t be accessible on your Channel’s Recordings page, but are accessible via their direct URL (they are also accessible in any Collections they’ve been added to)

  • Only me recordings are completely hidden from your listeners and only accessible to you via your Creator space

TIP: You can also move recordings to Trash from here.

Once you have selected the new access level, you will see the recordings in their new folder with a confirmation that they have been moved.

Access level tabs

You can view recordings in each of your different access levels at any time by selecting the different access level tabs.

And you can make recordings publicly available again at any time by selecting them and moving them to ‘Public’.

TIP: all recordings, except those in Trash, will be accessible via the ‘All’ tab. Unlisted and Only Me recordings are identifiable by their icons.

If your Channel is private, your recordings will only be accessible via your access code. Find out how to make your Channel private here.

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