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Make your recordings private
Make your recordings private

Find out how to switch your recording from public to private

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Publishing your Mixlr recordings allows you to keep all your previous event recordings stored in one place, reducing the need to keep local backups and providing a convenient location where you can access your recordings at any time.

However, you may not want your listeners to access every one of your recordings - some of them you might prefer to keep private. This article will show you how you can make recordings private.

Recordings page

By default, all recordings will by publicly available after they have been published.

In order to make a recording private, go to your Recordings page by selecting the Recordings icon in the top right of your Creators homepage.

On your Recordings page, find the recording that you want to make private.

Select the options icon, then select 'Edit recording'.

Edit recording

This will take you to the edit recording screen. On this screen you'll see an option to set the access level. Set the drop down to 'Only me' to make the recording private.

Select 'Save changes' once this has been updated, and the recording will no longer be publicly accessible. Non-public recordings are denoted by the 'ME' icon.

TIP: you can switch this back at any time by changing the access level back to 'Public'. If your Livepage is private, your recordings only be accessible via your access code. Find out how to make your Livepage private here.

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