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Update your settings via the desktop app Preferences window

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The Preferences window will allow you to update a number of options in the Mixlr desktop app including in-app notifications, reminders, and settings for the faders and playlist.

Opening the Preferences window

To open the Preferences window, click the Window tab in the Mixlr desktop app and select 'Preferences'.

TIP: if you're a Mac user, you'll find the tabs at the top of the screen. Select the Mixlr tab to find Preferences.

The Preferences window

The Preferences window will allow you to update the following options:

Chat Notifications

Toggling this button on allows you to receive notifications of new chat messages on your live events, while turning it off ensures that you won't be disturbed with notifications while you're broadcasting.

Mixer: Snap to 0DB

By default the fader bars in the desktop app that control the volume will 'snap' - or jump - to 0 dB (decibels) when you drag them near that setting. (0 dB means that the audio signal in this channel hasn't been increased or reduced in volume from the original source.) You can deactivate this by toggling this button off.

Playlist: Auto-play next track

With this button switched on your playlist will automatically play the next track when the current track has finished (as long as there is another track in the playlist).

You can deactivate this feature by toggling this button to off.

Automatically send crash reports

With this button switched on, in the event that you run into an issue which causes the app to crash we will automatically receive a report about the cause of the crash. As such we highly recommend enabling this feature.

Blocked users

Any users you have blocked from chatting on your channel will be listed here. You can unblock any blocked users by clicking 'UNBLOCK' for that user. 

TIP: Once you have made your updates you can close the Preferences window - the new settings will save automatically.

Additional Info

The preferences window displays the version of the Mixlr desktop app that you're currently using. This is displayed at the bottom under the 'Additional Info' heading.

TIP: you may need to scroll down in the Preferences window to view this information.

Back at the top of the Preferences you'll also be able to see the Mixlr plan that you're currently subscribed to, and what the Maximum Broadcast Time for your plan is.

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