This article will show you how to add an email address to your Mixlr account, or update the email address that you currently have saved.

We recommend using an email address that you check regularly for your Mixlr account. This will ensure that you get notified when someone you follow starts a new broadcast, receive your stats email after a each broadcast, and that you receive any account notifications that we need to send you.

Go to your account settings page

You can find your account settings page by clicking SETTINGS from the Mixlr homepage.

TIP: you'll need to be logged in to your account on to see this homepage.

Add or update your email address

Enter your email address. We recommend that you enter an email you check regularly. Any alerts you activate will be sent there.

Save changes

Once you have entered the new email address you will need to enter your password and then click the 'Save Changes' button for this to be updated.

Click here to find out how to change your username.

Click here to find out how to change your password.

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