What is Channels?

Channels is the new audio webpage on Mixlr. It replaces the livepage while introducing new ways for listeners to interact with your audio content. When listeners visit your channel, they can listen live or replay recordings, chat with others during a live event, and check out your event schedule, all in one place.

What happens if someone visits my old livepage?
Anyone that visits your old livepage or clicks on a link with your old livepage URL will be automatically redirected to your new channel.

Will I still be able to chat with my listeners on my channel?

Yes! The chat section is available within your live event, so you’ll be able to chat with listeners while you’re live. You’ll also be able to see a list of all logged in listeners, just like with the old livepage.

How do I customize my channel?

You’ll have the opportunity to set up your channel when you first switch over (or sign up, for new accounts). To make any changes - or in case you’ve skipped this step - see this article.

What happens to my Showreel?

All recordings you currently have stored on the Mixlr site — both your published showreel recordings and any uploaded recordings you've made private — will continue to be hosted when you switch to Channels. Public recordings are an integral part of your channel. Using a built-in player, listeners will be able to listen to your recordings, or your live event, without leaving your channel.

Can I use older versions of the Mixlr for Creators apps?

We recommend updating to the latest version of the Mixlr for Creators apps on mobile or desktop for the best experience on your channel. However, older versions are supported for the time being. On Windows or Mac, that’s version 32 or later. On Android, version 1.41 or later. On iOS, version 1.10 or later.

Why isn't my live event appearing on my channel page?

The most likely reason for this is that you're using an older version of the Mixlr app which does not support Channels. If in doubt as to what version you're using we'd recommend downloading the latest version of the Mixlr app - you can find that here.

Can my listeners use older versions of the Mixlr apps on mobile?

Yes, all current listener apps are supported while we develop our new apps for listeners. Listeners can also use the mobile web to access your channel in order to listen and chat.

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