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You can use the Mixlr playlist to broadcast songs and other recordings as part of your Mixlr broadcast. This article will explain how to use it.

Adding files to the Mixlr playlist

The Mixlr playlist is the third channel in the Mixlr desktop app.

To add your audio files to the playlist click the 'ADD SOUNDS' button in the bottom left of the app.

This will bring up a file explorer. Navigate to your audio file and select it to add it to your playlist. The Mixlr playlist can accept files in the following formats:
mp3, wav, aif, aiff, flac, ogg, and m4a.

TIP: if you select multiple files here you can add more than one at a time.

You can also add files by dragging and dropping audio files directly from a folder into the playlist section of the app. The playlist section is anywhere in the bottom left rectangle highlighted below, including any tracks you've already added.

Drag and drop files here and they'll be added to your playlist.

Managing your playlist

Rearranging tracks

Once you have added files to your playlist you can rearrange the order by dragging and dropping the tracks within it.

You'll see a black line appear while you're dragging the track - this indicates where it is going to be placed.

Deleting tracks

You can delete any track by selecting it (when a track is selected it will be highlighted in red) and pressing the Backspace or Delete keys.

You can also delete a track by right-clicking (on Windows) or holding the 'ctrl' key and clicking (on Mac) and selecting 'Remove track from playlist'.

You can clear all the tracks in your playlist by right-clicking (on Windows) or holding the 'ctrl' key and clicking (on Mac) and selecting 'Clear playlist'.

Playing tracks on your playlist


You can play a track by clicking the Play button. You will need to have at least one file added to your playlist in order to play it. 

TIP: You can also start a track playing by double clicking on it.


When a track is playing you can pause it by clicking the Pause button.

Skip back/skip forward

Use the Skip Back button to go back to the beginning of the current track. If you are already at the beginning of the current track you will skip back to the previous track in the playlist. 

Use the Skip Forward button to skip to the next track in the playlist. 

TIP: selecting the skip back or skip forward buttons always causes the playlist to start playing.


Use the Shuffle button to enable your playlist to play in a random order. 

When Shuffle is enabled the color of the button will change to red.


Use the Loop button to start your playlist playing from the beginning after the final track has ended.

When Loop is enabled the color of the button will change to red.

Auto-play next track

By default once one of your playlist tracks has ended the next one will start automatically (as long as there is another track in the playlist).

You can switch this off by going to your Preferences menu, via the Window tab.

In your Preferences menu you can toggle the Auto-play next track feature by clicking the button to the right.

Once you have updated this you can close the Preferences window - the new setting will save automatically.

Why can't I hear my playlist?

If you're unable to hear your playlist tracks you may need to enable Monitoring. This article will help you to set this up.

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