• I used to have a Livepage, what happened to it?

    • Livepages are the location that listeners visit to hear live Events. Since it's only possible for creators to have Events, Livepages are now only available for creators, and listeners no longer have their own Livepages.

  • What's the difference between a creator and a listener?

    • A creator can broadcast live Events, and - on our paid plans - also host recordings of their past Events on their Showreel.

    • A listener can tune in to a creator's live Events, listen to their past Events on the Showreel, follow creators, and chat on a creator's Livepage.

  • Can I get my Livepage back?

    • Yes! If you sign up for a creator plan you will get your Livepage back immediately. Livepages are available with all our creator plans, including our free to use Lite plan.

Click here to find out more about our creator plans.

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