All Mixlr creators with a paid subscription will have the option to publish their recorded broadcasts, so listeners can hear the show if they missed it while it was live.

This article will show you how you can find a creator's recorded broadcasts via their showreel page.

TIP: if you're a creator and you want to access your own published showreel recordings see this article.

TIP: if you're unable to access a showreel page, this is most likely because the creator does not have an paid subscription.

Go to livepage

Firstly you'll need to go to the creator's Mixlr livepage.

If the creator has published any of their recordings to their showreel you will see a link to this under their Artwork image, towards the bottom left of the page.

Please note: If the creator does not have a "Showreel Items" link on their livepage, this means they do not have any recordings available on their Mixlr Showreel.

Click this link to go to their showreel page.

Showreel page

From the showreel page you will see all the recordings that the creator has published.

 Click the play button to listen to each recording.

TIP: if the creator has chosen not to publish a particular recording - or any of the recordings - then unfortunately we're unable to provide this for listeners. If you would like to request this from the creator we'd suggest leaving a message on their livepage chat section.

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