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Why do I see this error message: Connection failed
Why do I see this error message: Connection failed
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If you're seeing this error in the Mixlr desktop app it is typically because a firewall or anti-virus software is blocking your connection to our servers.

If you are running a firewall or anti-virus software, please try (temporarily) disabling them to see if you're able to start an event successfully. If you can, you should whitelist Mixlr in your firewall/anti-virus software to ensure that Mixlr is not blocked in future.

Adaware Web Companion

If you're still seeing this error after disabling your firewall and anti-virus, this may be due to a program called 'Web Companion', by Adaware. This software may be installed on your machine without your knowledge, having been bundled with the installation of a different application.

If you're continuing to see a 'Connection failed' error when you try to start a live event, please check to see if you have Web Companion installed. If you do we would recommend preventing it from running on Mixlr or uninstalling it entirely from your machine.

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