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Add an artwork image for your Live Player
Add an artwork image for your Live Player

Upload a picture for your Live Player

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Your artwork image is the default image displayed on your embeddable Live Player when you are not broadcasting. If you don’t upload a new image for an event, this default artwork image will be displayed during the event as well.

TIP: you can schedule events in advance with new artwork. Your Live Player will be automatically updated as soon as you start your live event.

To add an artwork image, go to your Artwork settings page. Click the 'Choose File' button to select an artwork image. Your artwork image can be in the format JPG or PNG, and can be up to 10MB in size.

Select your artwork image in your File Explorer window and click Open. You'll then see the cropping tool appear around your image which you can use to fit your chosen image into the right dimensions and size.

Once you are happy with the cropping click 'Upload Image' and your new artwork image will be saved.

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