What is Mixlr Pro?

Mixlr Pro is our broadcasting plan aimed at radio stations, podcasters and broadcasters who require advanced live stream delivery solutions, customised players and detailed, on-demand listener analytics.

What benefits does Mixlr Pro offer me?

The main benefits that Mixlr Pro offers are:

  • unlimited, 24/7 live broadcasting

  • access to your own TuneIn-compatible live stream URL

  • detailed, on-demand listener statistics

  • priority technical support

In common with all Mixlr's other plans, you also benefit from full access to all our broadcasting apps, and the option of making use of your own livepage with chat, embeddable player, and more.
 For more details, visit our price plans page.

What is my live stream URL for?

You can use your live stream URL for a number of purposes:

  • Building your own custom audio player

  • Deep integration into your own mobile app

  • Adding your MIxlr station in third-party services such as TuneIn

Get your live stream URL here. (To use your live stream URL you need to enable it in your live stream settings first.)

Where do I access my listener statistics?

You can access your listener statistics, which include total unique listeners and listener duration figures broken down by geographical area, on your stats page.
 At present it is possible to download the statistics for any time period in the last six months in CSV format (suitable for Excel, Google Sheets, and other spreadsheet applications). We are currently working on building additional ways to view and download your statistics.

I already have a Mixlr Pro account. Why don’t I have access to my live stream URL or analytics?

As of 30th November 2015, the old Mixlr Pro has been renamed Mixlr Pro Legacy. Your account, however, is unaffected and you will be able to continue using your account and its normal functionality, at your usual price point, for as long as you are a Mixlr customer. To access the new features, please upgrade your Mixlr account.

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