We are aware that certain banks within Nigeria have been blocking foreign transactions from December 31, 2022, and therefore will be impacting some users paying for their subscriptions at the moment.

If you're seeing that your card is declining with 'insufficient funds', and you believe the transaction should be successful, it could be that you're being affected by the recent restrictions.

We are aware that having a domiciliary account allows you to pay for subscriptions and foreign payments from Nigeria, and apply for a virtual dollar card. This has proven to be a successful method with Mixlr too. You can Visit any of the tier 1 banks in Nigeria (Access Bank, GTBank, UBA, First Bank) to request for a dollar MasterCard.

We have pasted some useful documents around how to set this up below:



We have also been informed by PayPal that payments from Nigeria should still be successfully processed through them, so if you would like us to send you an invoice, please drop our support team a line so we can set this up and assist you further.

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