Crowdfunding is an accessible way to earn money from the shows your create.

Displaying a Support button on your Livepage makes it easy for listeners to find out how to support your shows.

This article will help get you set up!

Choosing a crowdfunding service

Before adding a Support button to your Livepage, it is important to find the right crowdfunding service to meet your needs.

Are you interested in providing exclusive content each month? Do you need to create buzz around a new project, or raise money for charity? Perhaps the cost of a coffee could contribute towards general equipment costs.

There are different crowdfunding services to cater to different creative needs. We recommend visiting the websites listed below to learn about which services might be better suited to yours.

Supported crowdfunding services on Mixlr

TIP: If your preferred service isn't listed, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate!

Adding the Support button to your Livepage

You will need to visit your settings on It is not currently possible to set this up within our mobile apps.

Under your Profile settings, scroll down until you see My links.

Profile settings screen

Click the first drop down menu and select Support.

Enter your crowdfunding link into the open field.

Please note, the button will be displayed only if your link matches our list of available crowdfunding services, as listed above.

Add and Save your support link screen

TIP: If the first row is already populated with a link, you may need to rearrange your existing links. The Support button only works with the first row of links.

Be sure to save any changes in order to update your Livepage.

Double-checking your crowdfunding button

Your Livepage should now display a Support button.

Click through to make sure you are directed to your selected crowdfunding service.

Desktop Livepage

If your listeners are using the Mixlr mobile apps, below is what they’ll see when they visit your profile.

Mobile App Profiles

Changing or removing your Support button

You can switch to another crowdfunding service at any time.

Simply return to your Profile settings, scroll down to My links and replace the first link with a new crowdfunding link. Click Save Changes.

If you want to remove the Support button from your Livepage, delete the first link and click Save Changes.

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