On opening up the app, you will need to login with your Mixlr username (or the email address registered to your account) and password. You must have a paid subscription or an active trial to broadcast with this app.

You will also be prompted to allow access to our microphone. You will need to press OK to enable Mixlr to Broadcast your mic input.

Going live

Once you're logged in you will be shown your home screen. This is where you'll be able to see important information and stats about your Mixlr account.

To go live press the red button at the bottom of the screen. This will bring you to your broadcasting card. You can change the title of a broadcast by tapping the title. You can also set your category on the drop down menu.

Now you only need to tap the red button again, and you will go live on Mixlr. Your waveform will turn red to indicate that you are now live!

When you are live there are some additional features available to you. You can press the share button to the bottom right of the screen to share a link to your live broadcast hosted on mixlr.com. Pressing the speech bubble on the left will open your chat window.

Opening Chat

On opening your chat window you will be able to see all incoming messages and accumulated hearts for your current broadcast.

Tap into the chat now section to bring up your keyboard to add your own messages. When you’re ready to post press the arrow on the right of your text input. You can minimise the keyboard by pressing anywhere outside the text input area.

To exit the chat press the speech bubble again to take you back to the on-air screen.

Ending your Broadcast

To end a broadcast, press the red square at the bottom of the on-air screen. You will be prompted to confirm your action. On confirmation your broadcast will be ended and you’ll be off air.

Saving your show

Review Card

As long as you have set your preferences to save broadcasts when your broadcast has ended, you will be taken to a review card of your broadcast. You can listen back to your show immediately.

You have 3 options for what you can do with your finished show.

  1. Publish Now - uploading your show to your Showreel hosted on Mixlr
  2. Publish Later - saving your show on you device for uploading later
  3. Delete - this will delete your show from your device permanently and before it’s been saved into your showreel on Mixlr.com

Publish Now

Pressing “publish now’ will send your show to Mixlr for backup and share the show on your showreel for your listeners to be able to listen on demand.

Publish Later

If you’re worried about using up your mobile data, or you are bandwidth limited you can select “publish later”. This will store your broadcast in your Saved Shows. You can find this by navigating to the Showreel section of the app.

Expand the saved show and you will see an upload button to the left of the playback controls. Press this at any time to share the show on your showreel. You’ll be shown the same confirmation. Press OK, or you can track the progress of your upload by pressing Showreel.

Managing Saved Shows

As well as uploading your saved shows, you can also delete these shows to free up space on your phone. Press the trash can icon, and confirm your action.

Managing your Showreel

To make any changes or updates to your broadcasts that have already been uploaded to your showreel, you will need to view your showreel via our web application. You can read more about using Showreel in this article.


Tapping 'Settings' on the top left of the home screen will take you to the settings screen which allows you to update your broadcasting preferences - Default Category and Record Enable / Disable - view and contact our support centre, and log out of the app.

Contact us

If you have any issues, you can reach support through the app or by visiting our contact page.

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