We have exciting plans ahead — we are building more features for our broadcasters! 

Storing a near decade’s worth of content (from hundreds of thousands of broadcasters) for free is no longer a sustainable way to build the features we’re really fired up about. This does mean a few changes.

From March 2020, showreel hosting features will only be available for broadcasters who are on a paid Mixlr plan, giving our broadcasters unlimited backup, playback and export for their content.  

1. What is showreel? 

Showreel is where you can backup, download, share and export your previous broadcasts on Mixlr.

By uploading your recordings to your showreel, past shows become available for your listeners, as well as stored safely online so you can access them from anywhere.

Read more about the showreel’s features here.

2. What changes are taking place in March 2020? 

Broadcasters with an active Mixlr plan will not be affected by these changes.

From March 2, 2020 broadcasters without an active Mixlr plan...

  • will not be able to store new recordings on their showreel pages
  • will not be able to share showreel recordings for listener playback 

There is a 28-day grace period (from March 2, 2020) to make sure broadcasters without an active Mixlr plan can save a copy of recordings currently on their showreel. 

After March 30, broadcasters without an active Mixlr plan will not be able to keep their recordings on Showreel. These will be automatically deleted soon after publication.

NOTE: If you've made a broadcast via the Mixlr mobile app and you do not have an active Mixlr plan, upon uploading the file it will be added to an automatic deletion queue. We recommend that you download any uploaded recordings as soon as possible to ensure you do not lose them. 

3. Are my listeners affected by these changes? 

As long as you are on a paid broadcast plan, your listeners will not be affected—they will be able to listen to and share your showreel recordings. 

If you choose to end your Mixlr plan, your showreel will only be accessible to you for a short period. Your listeners will not be able to listen to your showreel at this time.  

You can read more about this here

4. If I am not on a broadcast plan currently, how can I prevent my showreel recordings from being deleted? 

To prevent your recordings from being deleted, you can sign up for a broadcast plan before March 30th. This will also reactivate all showreel features. 

You can sign up here mixlr.com/priceplans

If you are happy for your showreel to no longer be hosted on Mixlr, you can:

5. What if I’m a seasonal broadcaster? 

If your shows are seasonal, we recommend signing up for an annual Mixlr plan. This gets you the equivalent of two months free of charge—ideal for the off-season. 

TIP: If your broadcasting habits are on an ad-hoc basis, it's easy to switch between Mixlr plans depending on whenever you need more (or less!) broadcasting hours. 

Do get in touch if you’re unsure of which broadcast plan best suits your audio projects!

6. Why is Mixlr changing Showreel?

The upcoming changes are being implemented so we can improve the showreel feature for broadcasters in future.

This means it is no longer sustainable for us to offer showreel hosting features to non-paying users. Our only means of revenue is through our broadcaster subscriptions. We do not make money through advertising nor through selling user data.

We want to build the best online tools for our broadcasters, and we hope you'll continue with us to see the exciting developments that we have in store over the next few months!

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