Upgrading your plan

If you find that you don't have enough hours to broadcast with your current plan, or you need some of the additional features that the Premium Plus or Pro plans offer, it's easy to upgrade your subscription.

To upgrade, go to the Price Plans page and select the plan that you want to upgrade to.

If you're a monthly subscriber, you can also switch to paying annually here.

TIP: when you upgrade we will charge the payment card which we currently have stored. If you want to use a different payment card you will need to update your payment details before upgrading. See this article for how to do this.

Downgrading your plan

If you no longer need as many hours to broadcast then you may want to downgrade your broadcasting plan. 

You can downgrade your plan in exactly the same way as upgrading. Just visit our Price Plans page and select the plan you want to switch down to.

When you downgrade your plan we'll keep any credit remaining from the old plan on your account. This will then be discounted from your next renewal payment.

TIP: currently it is not possible to downgrade if you're an annual subscriber. If you're paying annually and you'd like to downgrade your plan please contact us.

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