If you've recently logged into Mixlr to discover that chat has been disabled on your livepage, don't worry - we haven't taken chat away.

Whether you're a broadcaster or a listener, chat will continue to be free for all Mixlr accounts.

To date, there are over 7 million accounts on Mixlr. Broadcasters and listeners alike each have access to their own livepage featuring a chat section. With a growing number of users, we have implemented measures to improve both the broadcasting and listening experience for everyone.

In order to maintain the safety and stability of the platform, we have decided to take the steps towards deactivating chat for non-subscribers.

But if chat has been disabled on your own page, don't panic!

To re-enable chat, simply visit mixlr.com/help/contact and get in touch to let us know your username.

You can also contact us using the methods below:

  • Desktop app users can click the Help button on the top-right hand corner
  • iOS users can go to Settings, head to More Info, and then tap Support Centre. From here, tap the Chat icon to open the chat window
  • Android users can visit mixlr.com/help/contact via their mobile browser

The team will endeavour to reply in a day's time.

Please note: this will be a one-time reactivation of chat. We will not be able to turn this feature on and off.

TIP: chat is controlled per Mixlr livepage, not per Mixlr account. So if you are unable to chat on an individual page this is not because your own chat is turned off - it is because chat is turned off for that Mixlr livepage.

If you'd prefer total control over your chat settings - i.e. the ability to enable or disable as needed - you are able to do so with a Premium Plus or Pro plan.  You can find out more about the added benefits of Premium Plus and Pro here.

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